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Mark Pawson, be my new best friend.


After a tutorial last year at uni one of my lecturers told me about an artist who might be of some interest to me. You see, I have a bizarre fascination with light switches and plug sockets and Mark Pawson made a little handmade book filled with Die-Cut Plug Wiring Diagrams.

I’d never been able to find much about him, since at this point I didn’t have a name but fast forward to April 2011 and we were given an Artist Book talk by another one of our lecturers and BOOM there it was on the table. Once I’d contained my excitement enough to pick up this wonderful object I decided I had to find out more about this COOL FUCKING DUDE. So whilst researching today I came across another book he’s made and…



Okay. I’m calm now. But Mark Pawson, wherever you are, you are amazing and have the best taste in the weird and wonderful. KUDOS.


Santiago Sierra you are a cunt.


When does art cease to be art? Is it when it’s deemed, to some, to be meaningless? If so, how is this decided? Does art have a time frame? Like a ticking bomb can it eventually blow up into nothing? Is it when the artists in question start to harm themselves?


Anyway, although I might not know the answers to any of the questions above, which is almost the beauty of them, I’m pretty sure that my answers to the next questions will be pretty close to correct. In fact, fuck it, modesty was never really my strong point. I’m so certain that my answers to the next questions are correct I’m not even going to bother asking them. If you happen to disagree with the next statement then I think it’s safe to say you’re a sick fucking bastard.

‘Art’ ceases to be art when the artists start to cause pain to others and when the human rights of the participants are disregarded and dismissed.

'I'm a total fucking wanker'

How anyone can look up to an ‘artist’ who’s work is basically based around human exploitation, and wouldn’t exist without it, is beyond me. Which brings me onto this cunt. Santiago Sierra. A Mexican born artist. The winner of the ‘National Arts Award 2010’ and a total fucking bastard. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware most artists are known for their massive egos and generally for being a bit of a tit, but this guy makes the rest of them look like angelic six year old lassies wearing summers dresses whilst making a daisy chains. Why? He picks on the deprived and the less well off. His work apparently reflects his views on exploitation which in my eyes means he pretty much condones it. Let me explain. This massive wanker pays the likes of drug addicted prostitutes enough money for their drug of


choice to allow him  tattoo a foot long black line across their backs. Basically forever branding them as Junkies. When confronted about this sick, so called artwork, Sierra tells us that these participants have given their consent, therefore, leave him the fuck alone. How the hell he believes that these women are or were in any state of mind to consent leads me to believe he actually lives on Mars.

However, some, I guess, could say he fucked up, he went too far, BUT NAW, this cunt really is a cunt. Here’s a list of some of his other pieces to prove it to you:

  1. Person Paid to Have 30cm Line Tattooed on Them.
  2. Polyurethane sprayed on the backs of 10 Iraqi Immigrant workers.
  3. Unemployed people sitting in boxes for 30 days paid minimum wage.
  4. Homeless people paid the equivalent of a meal and one nights accommodation to stare blankly at a wall all day.

The List could go on but I don’t think there’s much need for it to do so. I think most of you will now see that there was no need for modesty earlier when I made my statement, and if you don’t? Well, I suggest you quickly step outside the windowless box you live in and open your fucking eyes.