Just admit it Davie… You’re toatz gay for Cleggy.


David Cameron, If I wasn’t already planning to spit on your grave after you snuff it I most definitely am now. Although I’m sure most of you will agree with my plan before you find out why I’m still going to tell you why anyway.

C'mon. Just admit it boys...

This once a cunt, always a cunt, wanker is expected to back the Ban of Gay Kisses on TV before 9pm.

Eh. WHIT?! What good is this going to do anyone? Oh wait. Yeah. THE CHILDREN. We’ve got to protect the children. From what exactly? Catching the gay? I hate to inform you but homosexuality isn’t like the measles. You’re not going to catch it because you witness a Shneck on the telly. If you’re gonna be gay then you’re gonna be gay. Soz.

If you want to ban children from affection all together dae it. Ban KISSING of all sorts on the TV before 9pm but I’m pretty sure your kids would all grow up to be heartless, emotionally challenged cunts. So if that’s what you want for their futures by all means, go ahead. I dare ye.

Sorry Cleggy, If I go ahead with this we just can't be together.

And Cameron, do you not have other, better, things to be focussing on like fucking up the lives of Students and the ‘unprivileged’ UK wide? If this is what you’re doing with your time I think I’m even more worried about the state of the country… If that’s even possible.


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