Chris Brown, yer naw even close to being a champion.


I know it’s been out since February so I’m a little late on the band wagon. But whatever. I’m not here to diss the song. I actually quite like it. CRINGE. I am however going to diss Chris Brown and pick apart his lyrical ‘genius’.

In case you’ve not seen it it’s called ‘Champion’ and it’s by Chipmunk ft. Chris Brown. So here goes:

Why does it get on my tits? Ehm, because Chris Brown seems to think that what he did to Rihanna can now be pushed under the carpet and forgotten. That’s why. Now that his restraining order has been lifted he clearly feels so should the ‘burden’. WRONG. That’s not how it works mate. Fortunately. You have to pay for your actions. Unfortunatley, that’s probably never going to be the case. You are going to release an album you are going to continue to be a twat and will probably smack some other girl in the face whilst sprouting your sob story and bullshit to your millions of fans. Boo fucking hoo. Your life is so hard.

However, pushing that to one side here are some of the lyrics Brown sings, plus my thoughts on these amazing words of wisdom.

‘This gon’ be the realist shit I ever wrote
Off the records, no cameras forget a quote’
Good god then. I’d better listen. Maybe you’ll give an apology or something. AHAHAHHA. Who am I trying to kid? Course you’re not. You’re obviously going to tell us about the hard time you’ve had having to deal with this backlash. How stupid of me. *FACEPALM*

‘I used to see my momma getting beat down
Is that the real definition of me now?’
There is no excuse. I am genuinely sorry your mum was abused. But surely that should make you see it’s hella wrong and force you to want to turn out differently. Saying you saw this happen therefore you should be let off on the other hand… Naw.

‘I fell off, back on my feet now
Heading to the sky, can’t even see down.’
Smacking your girlfriend in the face doesn’t class as falling off. It sorta means you were never on in the first place. And no you’re not back on your feet now. You had a hissy fit in a dressing room because you were asked about said incident. Clearly you’re having an excellent ‘recovery’.  Oh also, Heading to the sky… I think you’re a bitty delusional if you think you’re on top of the world, wanker.

Award shows, I pour my heart out
And people still study trynna point my flaws out.’
What part of you’re lucky to be allowed to attend some of these shows are you struggling to understanding. Anyone who hits women shouldn’t be allowed to grab for sympathy because people are pointing out their flaws. IT’S A PRETTY BIG FLAW PAL. Stop yer whining and answer the questions. Take responsibility for your actions and grow the fuck up.

But I’m a champion, legend, history. ‘
Naw your a cunt, a wanker, and will probably be gone in 5 years time.

‘Some people have to learn’
Did hitting Rihanna help that? Did it make you learn? Ken what. I don’t think you have to hit a woman to know IT’S WRONG!

Aww. Am I meant to feel pity for you. GET TAE FUCK.

I reckon you need to learn that you’re not the victim here. The real victim is the woman pictured below. The women you beat up. Now, stop your greetin’ and please do us all a favour by fucking off.


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