Oops. Looks like we’ve mislaid the Mona Lisa.



Well naw exactly since we didn’t have it in the first place. But that’s probably a good thing since recent revelations suggest we’d probably have lost it anyway. Glasgow, and now Edinburgh have admitted to ‘mislaying’ not one, not two but HUNDREDS of paintings and artefacts from their museums and galleries.

Now I understand you have plenty of things to be looking after so I’d totally get mislaying or losing some shite piece of garbage art or the odd bone from a t-rex’s foot but that’s not the case here at all. Edinburgh’s National gallery of Scotland have admitting to losing NINE  “significant” paintings and Glasgow says that ‘634 items currently “unlocated to date”.’ GOOD YIN. Pat on the fucking back like.

It is however possible that many have been stolen. I’m secretly hoping that the workers you seriously under pay to look after these important items have set up a club are are now sniggering at your misfortune whilst counting the millions they’ve made selling these on the black market. But something tells me that’s probably not the case. So go and stop walking around looking important in your suits with your healthy giid paycheck and start making sure things important to our history aren’t getting mislaid dropped down drains or slyly removed in white vans by people dressed as ninjas abseiling down from the ceiling, ta.


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