Je M’appelle Princess ‘my parents are clearly mentally unstable’ Tiaamii


If I say what do the following things remind you of?

Tu Morrow, Moxie CrimeFighter, Pilot Inspektor, Audio Science, Apple, Jermajisty, Princess Tiaamii and Hero.

You’re probably thinking, shit, please don’t let it be the names of children. However you’d unfortunately be completely correct. These are just a handful of birth names given to those ‘privileged’ enough to be the spawn of a celeb. However, I’m sorry to say no amount of fame or fortune can save you from the monstrosity that is now on your passport, birth certificate and school register. And it’s certainly not going to save you from the bullying you’re more than likely to receive in later life.

It might be the now thing to do but seriously do any of you morons think about the shit you’re setting your child up for in the not so distant future. Celebrity culture changes at the same rate most people change their knickers. Daily. Just because you’re vaguely sought after today does not mean you’re going to acknowledged tomorrow and naming your poor child something ridiculous is not going to change that, you self absorbed fucks. By the time they start high school are you really going to be ‘hot topic’? Actually aye, maybe. But not in the way you intended. You’re probably going to hot topic amongst fellow parents and pupils thinking dear god what were you thinking/LOL?! So go and do us all a favour. Stop trying to make headlines and don’t name your child after a joke. They’ll probably only grow up to hate you for putting them through so much shite anyway.


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  1. there was a girl born several years ago, and her parents named her after their favourite play. the name of the play: “laughter therapy”. (the bulgarian version of that, which is one word, but still)

    • If you really are a mental and can’t stay away from the weird names at least make it like the 4th middle one or something. So they don’t HAVE to be known by it for at least 16 years.

  2. Another thing that gets my goat are goths calling their weans hideous names like “Moonlight Evanescence Batwing” or fucking “Amy-Lee” after that tit wi the annoying voice. Or calling their boy weans “Pete Wentz Way”


  3. The one that gets me is when the kid has a regular name, but it is spelled “Uniquely”. Is it trendy to have your kid explain that people are writing their name wrong every time they say “My name is Jesekah”?

    • Oh god. That does my tits in. If you like the name then name your child it. Do not try to come up with another way to spell it. Especially not by adding in more vowels. Spelling it Harmony, Harmonii does not make it better. It makes it look ridiculous and you stupid.

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