NEWS FLASH: There’s naw a cure for homosexuality.


No matter how many times their products piss us off and break or how much they kill our bank balance the world still goes crazy for Apple. And that’s not something I expect to end any time soon, or even at all. I myself will happily admit I have been sucked into their vast technological web and certainly don’t plan on leaving it any time soon. However, there are at least two incidents recently, that I am aware of, where apple have passed Anti-Gay applications. And no matter what planet you’re from, that’s fucking outrageous just not cool.

The latest stupid as fuck app passed is one which supposedly offers the user ‘freedom from homosexuality’, or to put it simply a cure for being gay. Since it’s apparently not obvious to all let me spell it out for you. THERE IS NOT A CURE FOR HOMOSEXUALITY nor is there a need for one. And if you happen to be one of the sick fucks who believe there is, it’s about time you shut the hell up and stopped spreading your shite. k.thnx. bye. This pile of bollocks which is apparently:

‘committed to encouraging, educating and equipping the Body of Christ to address the issue of homosexuality with grace and truth.’

Is simply just that. A PILE OF BOLLOCKS.

Aye. OBV. We all live a life like Paranormal Activity. SO PLZ CURE US CUZ IT'S SCARY.

The one approved prior to this named ‘Manhattan Declaration’ was apparently ‘a call of Christian conscience’ allowing people to sign a document in order to show their support towards standing against gay marriage. Wankers.

Obviously someone at apple is passing these horrific applications cause I’m simply naw gonna believe it’s an act of god or some other shite. Totally not sure why though. I’m also not sure how a company who earned a 100% score from the Human Rights Camaign’s Corporate Equality Index have allowed this to happen not once, but twice. It’s a fucking outrage.

So, what’s next apple? The passing of an application supporting the KKK with some sort of built in tracker, allowing the user to pin point the exact location of all black people in their vicinity? Naw, didnae think so. Cause that’d obviously be wrong. So why the fuck did you pass this and others like it? SILLY CUNTS.


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  1. Not sure your comments deserve any reply, but here goes. The ex-gay movement is huge and growing. Research into causes and therapies for homosexuality have come a long way. It is a developmental disorder which starts in early childhood, this is why you feel like you were born with it. If you choose to spin your wheels stuck in a early phyco-sexual stage of development…that is your choice. Please stop bullying and standing in the way of those who choose to heal. Not everyone buys into the “innate, immutable lie” the gay lobby dishes out. Your foul language, and name calling???….charming to say the least.

    • I think maybe your approach, though fairly rational in comparison to most anti-gay comments is still quite sadly obtuse. Simply by your attitude conveying that being attracted to whatever gender is infact an illness or malfunction. Far more depraved sexual acts have been wealthily documented within the entire animal kingdom for literally hundreds of years.

      It disappoints me that someone able to articulate an intelligent comment is more hung up on others sex lives than something relevant.

      Also, not a single creature is %100 heterosexual, nor homosexual. At the end of the day these are just terms we’ve coined to protect our egos from something outwith our control.

      I hope you feel more comfortable with yourself, and stop surpressing your own hangups, before they inevitably manifest into something more malign.

  2. @Mandy, I’m bisexual and happy. How would you explain that? I’m happy with women and with men. So you think I should just curb my own happiness and stop seeing women, cutting that part of joy away from my life forever, just because?

    How is it any of your or anyone else’s business who people chose to share their lives/beds with?

  3. Mandy, if you choose to spin your wheels stuck in an early medieval stage of human development, expressing your repression, hate and homophobia through your nonsense ‘christian’ views, that is YOUR choice.. your choice as to whether you do it at the bottom of the ocean, or in a hospital (where they’ll give you some help for your anger and mental health issues)

  4. Mandy, I don’t know who you are or why you’d bother spouting your nonsense on a page that is so obviously pro-homosexuality. There is no cure for sexuality. If you actually believe that you are truly a deluded human being. I feel sorry for you that you believe people who are homosexual are “ill”. How you can classify it as a developmental disorder when no medical body has is absolutely outstanding, you really are some form of medical genius. And I must wonder, are you homosexual or “ex-gay” as you put it? Or are you, as I suspect, another straight person who thinks they know best and is forcing their views on a topic they don’t understand on people who are confident and love themselves for who they are?
    As for the comments about bullying, you were quick enough to force your opinions on us, and you are the one suggesting people aren’t worthy as they are.
    Please get a grip of yourself you worthless, narrowminded piece of shit.

  5. @ Mandy. – I must thank you for informing me I have a developmental disorder. LOL JOKE. I must thank you for allowing me to piss myself laughing first thing in the morning. Your comment really is quite amusing.
    You want ME to stop bullying? Go and realise that what you are doing to people like myself is a lot worse than a few swear words here and there and calling you stupid. People like you tell me I’M POSSESSED BY DEMONS. So get to fuck with your, don’t bully me, it hurts my feelings statements. I’ve been the victim of PLENTY abuse from people like you and not just verbal. So shove your cure and ex-gay bullshit up your arse. Thanks. To be honest I wish you’d stopped when you decided my post wasn’t worth any comments. Cause you’ve just spraffed bullshit.

    Let me make it clear I will a) never be cured because HELLO there is nothing wrong with me. I do not need to find god and then find a man. b) I will never repress my urges and ‘be okay with it’ cause guess what I LOVE WOMEN! DEAL WITH IT.

    • Obviously that wasn’t a developmental disorder that starts in childhood. No, of course not. You’re born straight, duh. END OF STORY. NOW GAY PEOPLE GO DIE.

  6. I don’t want you to change. Everyone lives their life the way they please. I respect your choices. Just get out of the way of those who choose to heal.

    • I’m not in the way of people who ‘chose to heal’ as you put it. If you want me to get on with my life the way I please then I can’t do both. I’m allowed my opinion as are you. However, this is my personal blog. I’ve never posted it on any of your ‘HEALING’ websites. I do have one thing to ask you though. Do you honestly believe there’s a cure for homosexuality? Cause if you do I think you need your head examined.

  7. The ex-moron movement is huge and growing. Research into causes and therapies for religion have come a long way. Belief in a beardy man in the sky who determines what is right and what is wrong is a developmental disorder which starts in early childhood. Thankfully years of sterling work by the likes of Marx, Nietzsche, Russell, Sartre, Schopenhauer, Camus, De Beauvoir, and more recently Chomsky and Dawkins have shown that logic and reason can provide a viable cure to the sort of rampant moronism which results in the sort of judgemental attitudes and persecution displayed by so called Christians (named after a man who, if I’m not mistaken preched forgiveness and love for fellow humans regardless).

  8. Oh, and just in case Mandy thinks this is just a string of gay and lesbian posters giving her a hard time I should point out I am hetero (or perhaps in a parlance you’ll be more comfortable with Mandy, I didn’t catch the gay). But I am a hetro who believes you can’t “cure” your sexuality at the most you can repress it in an attempt to conform to peer and family pressure and negative conditioning.

  9. I was just about to make that point Richie that there are many comments posted here by heterosexual people. And are not at all a bunch of raging homos out to get her.

  10. Seems to me, other opinions are not allowed here. It is a shame really…your anger makes you blind.

    By the way, I am not religious so save your breath on that one. Secular reparative therapy is helping thousands of people. You are all too threatened to even take an objective look at it. “NARTH” web site is a good place to start.

    • Seems to me you’re just pissy I’m refusing to listen to or accept your ‘help’. Other opinions are allowed here. I’ve allowed your commented to be posted after all. And it’s not just me telling you I think you’re talking out your arse. Is secular whatever therapy ‘helping’ you too?
      I’m not threatened by the way. I’m happy. I’m out and fucking proud. Also thanks but eh NO thanks for your ‘good place to start’. Come back here in a few months. I might have written a post about it’s utter bullshit.

    • If you’re not religiously homophobic (which I don’t believe) then there really is something seriously wrong with you. People like you (full of hate) are sick. Much of it will be internalised self-hate, for which I feel sorry for you. Come over to the dark side as you OBVIOUSLY want to, fanny licking is fun

  11. Gies peace mandy, you’re clearly religious if you think it’s healthy an attitude to have to think people can be ‘cured’ of their sexuality. There lots of scientific research into the idea that sexuality is determined from the developmental stages in the womb.

    • As to you. Although if you’re wishing me luck in my horrible life as a homo and hoping I eventually realise I’m ill then I don’t need your Luck. I hope you soon realise homosexuality is NOT an illness and CANNOT be cured, before you waste many more seconds of your life promoting it.

  12. Mandy, you don’t seem to be understanding the point people are making here.

    Even if it was possible to change someone’s sexuality through whatever method (and I’m not saying it is or isn’t. I’ve not done enough research on the subject), I think people are taking insult, not to the fact that you disagree with them over whether sexuality can be changed or whatnot, but more the fact that you seem to think of homosexuality as some sort of illness or blight that people want to be rid of.

    Most of the homosexuals I know are perfectly happy being homosexual and the ones that aren’t only feel that way because of all the shit that comes along with being gay i.e the insults and the being looked down upon. There’s nothing to be ashamed of by being gay. There’s nothing wrong with it so it can’t be “cured”.

    I think the reason people are reacting so angrily towards you is because you seem to be patronising them and pitying them like you might pity someone with a horrible degrading illness and saying “There is a cure for this you know. You can be normal like me if you want.”

    Get off your high horse. Live and let live.

    Oh and just for the record, I’m straight and atheist.

  13. So many weird tangents here. I am really glad you are all so happy. My point is..and I will try to be really that homosexuality is changeable. And those who say it isn’t flies in the face of those who are DOING IT. (topic of original blog) Tons of scientific research available..for those who dare to look at it.

    I am amazed at the stand people can take with little or no research on a subject. Is truth the goal or just appeasing feelings? There seems to be a lot of assuming and “reading into” what I am saying. I don’t pity, hate, devalue, think you have a horrible life as a homo (your words) etc. That is your interpretaion. Bye

  14. We are all happy? No. You’re acting as if everyone talking here is homosexual. They’re not. ‘Scientific’ research eh? Get tae fuck. You’ve said bye. Please fucking mean it.

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