Shove your CAPTCHA codes up your arse.


Dear websites that use ‘CAPTCHA’ codes. I fucking hate you. Reading normal, basic, black text on white backgrounds without you asking me what your eight letter jumble of shite, which pretty much resembles a three year olds alphabet spaghetti, after they’ve spewed half of it back up says is hard enough? And WHEN I get it wrong gonnae naw tell me to refresh the page only to find out you’ve deleted the twenty billion fields you’ve just asked me to fill out. Cunts.

Get tae fuck. Thanks.


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  1. That drives me fucking mental too. I have no problems reading letters, but numbers give me trouble when they’re all squished together and bent all over the place just confuses me. I’ve had to use the audio description thing quite a lot, and sometimes the pre-recorded voice is so fuzzy that I can’t make that out either. RAGE.

    • I’m pretty sure people perfectly able to able to read perfectly would have trouble answering every single one of them correctly. Some of them are just damn near impossible. ARG.

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